Ornithology, Circus Skills and Street Entertainment

Dusty has had a deep and active love of nature since he fell out of his baby chair aged two to chase a robin. A cracked skull did nothing to dull his appetite.

During his childhood and youth in Kent, he was actively involved in the Seabird Group and the Kent Ornithological Society:

Seawatch recording at North Foreland late seventies/early eighties

Winter Bird Surveys, Wantsum Marshes late seventies/early eighties

Woodland Bird Surveys late seventies/early eighties

It wasn't that he hung up his binoculars, he merely put them on reserve whilst he trained as a theatre performer and pursued a precarious life as an actor/street entertainer and circus performer.

In the mid 1990s he established off his own back a circus class for disadvantaged children in West Greenwich, London. When it was realised locally that he was a knowledgable ornithologist he began a 5 year study of Deptford Creek.

The rest is history.

These days he spends most his time in disguise and undercover, wearing a grey or pinstriped suit. Jim Mcclelland, editor in chief of SUSTAIN magazines once referred to Dusty as a "…content terrorist…"

Photographed on Barclays Bank HQ roof

Dusty Gedge on an Ornithology trip