Sites of General Interest

The Green Roof Centre

The London Wildlife Trust

The Kent Wildlife Trust 

Is part of the London Biodiversity Partnership

The British Trust For Ornithology 

London Swifts



If you are interested in flowers and seeds check out 

Domestic electricity supplied by 

Dusty reads and subscribes to

Sustain Magazine

The Ecologist 

Current Favourites

This must be my favourite site at the moment. The City of Portland Oregon has commissioned a competition for new urban developments where Nature is the number one design criteria. Check out the designs and the design guidelines. Truly inspiring.]

The Grass Roof Company

My other favourite website is John Little's. He is trying to get wildlife not just on roofs but on council estates in London. His work in schools in Essex is exemplary. And we are writing a DIY green roof guide together.

Work Related Websites

European Federation of Green Roof Associations

The Green Roof Consultancy

World Green Roof Congress 2008