Dusty has feature as a contributor on a number of programmes over the last ten years including;

Inside Out 

He most recently appeared on Countryfile on 23rd March 2008 

He was a presenter on the Channel 4 television series 'Wildthing - I love you'

"One of the best summers I have had. It was great to meet and work with people who, like me, are trying to do something postive for wildlife in their local areas. And Bill was a joy to spend time with"


Dusty can also be regularly heard as a contributor on Radio including;

Radio 4

And a variety of other stations

Wild Thing - I love you: Dormouse

Getting the netting sorted

Wild Thing - I love you for Channel 4

Wild Thing - I love you: Puffins

Birdwatching off North Berwick

dusty gedge birdwatching

Wild Thing - I love you: Water Voles

With Water Vole expert Rob Strachan

Looking for Water Voles

Wild Thing - I love you: Bats

Bill and Natasha rehearsing a scene

TV presenter on Wild Thing - I love you

Wild Thing - I love you: Deer

A beautiful New Forest meadow

New Forest meadow

Wild Thing - I love you: Puffins

Bass Rock in the evening. I love Gannets!

Bass Rock photographed by Dusty Gedge

Wild Thing - I love you: Barn Owls

Bill excorcising demons so the Barn Owls can nest in peace

Television and Radio contributions

Print Media

Contributed pieces for many magazines over the years including;

Sustain Magazine
Institute of Horticulture
British Wildlife
BBC Wildlife

Horticulturist Magazine Cover
Recent article in Horticulturist Magazine